About Presenter

Carly Loyer, CBATI

carly-fionaCarly Loyer is one of the two speakers that Grisha has brought on board to do official 2-day BAT seminars.

Learning, teaching, and dogs are three recurring themes in Carly Loyer’s life. She graduated cum laude from the University of Washington in Seattle with a BA in Psychology, emphasis in animal behavior. She is currently a Ph.D student at UW pursuing research in canine personality.

Carly has been training dogs professionally since 2007, and working with Grisha at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle since 2008. Teaching everything from Puppy Kindergarten to Growly Dog classes as well as conducting private behavior consultations, Carly has worked with a wide range of behavior challenges including aggression and separation anxiety.


Carly likes to climb rocks and trees (as you can see), but she was on the ground floor with BAT, so to speak. As Grisha developed BAT at Ahimsa, Carly was one of the trainers who incorporated it into Growly Dog classes there. She was also a team leader at the first BAT Instructor’s Course, a team leader at the course in Alaska, and will be a team leader at the 2014 course in Seattle. Carly is also a teaching assistant for some online BAT sources at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

For Carly, one of the most fulfilling aspects of dog training is watching the wheels turn in both the humans’ and the dogs’ heads as they interact. She says, “the ‘AHA!’ moment when two species understand each other will never get old.”

carly-kissy-faceOne major motivator for her teaching and academic career is the desire to understand why dogs behave the way they do, in order to find the most effective and humane ways for people and dogs to live together.  To that end, Carly’s research interests include individual differences in the development of abnormal and aggressive behaviors in both domestic and exotic captive animals. She is a Research Fellow at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, which includes helping to plan and design methods of environmental enrichment for their animals.

Carly lives in Seattle with Fiona, her 65-lb. lab/standard poodle, who has benefited from the development of BAT and helped fuel Carly’s academic interests by exhibiting her own quirky fears and preferences.


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